savouriness, {{}}American{{}} savoriness [{{t}}'seɪvərɪnɪs]
saveur f

Un panorama unique de l'anglais et du français. 2015.

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  • savouriness — sāˈvouriness noun • • • Main Entry: ↑savour …   Useful english dictionary

  • savoury — (US savory) adjective 1》 (of food) salty or spicy rather than sweet. 2》 [usu. with negative] morally wholesome or acceptable. noun (plural savouries) chiefly Brit. a savoury snack. Derivatives savourily adverb savouriness noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • savoury — /ˈseɪvəri / (say sayvuhree) adjective 1. having savour; agreeable in taste or smell: a savoury smell. 2. piquant, pungent, or salty to the taste; not sweet. 3. Obsolete pleasing or morally respectable. –noun (plural savouries) 4. a non sweet,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • savoury — adj. & n. (US savory) adj. 1 having an appetizing taste or smell. 2 (of food) salty or piquant, not sweet (a savoury omelette). 3 pleasant; acceptable. n. (pl. ies) Brit. a savoury dish served as an appetizer or at the end of dinner. Derivatives …   Useful english dictionary

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